Friday, August 3, 2012


No, breathe easy. I'm not going into fansubbing.
I don't think I could put up with that kind of workload and stress.

I've been thinking a lot about translators and whatnot.

Basically, whine and complain about everything you want.
Bad TL, Typesetting, Editing, etc etc.

Just a short excerpt:

"5. People don’t actually give a shit about the quality of subs. Following from that, people don’t seem to give a shit about what the characters are saying on screen. Otherwise, there’s no way in hell Coalgirls and qIIq could get away with their subs. This isn’t even about translation “accuracy,” it’s about using half-decent English."

*Clap Clap Clap Clap*
Right on the mark, in fact, this entire post is.

And I'm also pulling up really old posts.

I'll admit, I myself have really bad English. My marks in English are usually several letters lower then everything else.

And, no, posting a picture of a book on grammar in front of a computer doesn't make you an English major.
Nor does it tell anyone anything about the quality/consistency of your work.
No names here...

I have a high opinion of Hadena, not because of their work, but because I see that they are actively trying to improve themselves, and I respect that.

Random update: Rethinking blog. Expect 1-5 posts a month.

Monday, July 23, 2012

King of Thorn - Ibara no Ou

Coming to the united States on September 18th. Finally.

Originally manga, then it was adapted into a movie, with a lot of changes.

TOKYOPOP is/was selling the manga, but now the prices are all over the place, ranging from $2.99 USD + Shipping to $88 USD + Shipping. I think it's out of print and some people are just trying to clear a backlog, while others are trying to make a profit off an out of print book (In english anyway, the spanish one is fine)

I would think it's safe to assume that they might be reprinting it, with the movie release in a few months.

Ibara no Ou
King of Thorn
Released in Japan May 2010
US release in September 2012

Despite the huge difference between the source material, and the animation, King of Thorn is still a great movie that is worth being watched.


King of Thorn has a very small cast, and that cast gets progressively smaller and smaller and smaller.

 Now, at first, the cast seems to be, well, what they seem to be. Marco (above) seems a criminal, who somehow got into the Cold sleep program. Kasumi  (Glasses, left) the unassuming meganekko who leads the cast. Pecchino (Far right, the old man), appears to be, well, he is what he appears to be, so no surprises there.

As the story progresses, we see that the "lottery" to get into Cold Sleep, may not have been random, and the characters all have some deeper reason as to why they are there (Aside from Pecchino), and are revealed through the course of the story.

The voice actors, do a great job bringing their character to life. Even Especially in the beginning.

To you who read the manga. Zeus is not in the movie. At all, it's very interesting to see how one absent character can change the entire plotline, it's also why this doesn't get a 5/5 score.


This getting a full score, I really just want to post pictures to prove my point. Sadly, it's hard to find something that both proves the prefect score, and doesn't spoil the story. So, you'll have to take my word for it.

The setting, is one of the most unique parts of the story. It takes the concept of a cryogenic sleep, and changes it around. The usual  setting for "Wake up in post-apocalyptic future" don't apply here. In fact, it may be seen as turning a dream into reality...

The use of color is also a major part to this "Sunrise Smooth" film. The scenes which show the different areas, are usually more saturated in different colors to emphasize the changes.

The Cold Sleep rooms, bathed in white, outside, painted in faded and washed tones, after they wake up, the presence of green everywhere to show how the world has changed (think Origin: Spirits of the Past).

STORY (4/5)

This, is where the movie also loses points. For fear of spoilers, no pictures for this part. The movie can be split up into several parallel stories at first. Kasumi+Party, and Marco and Peter. Though they are different in some ways, both parties are trying to accomplish the same thing in the end. Escape. King of thorn is a survival horror, and the mood set at the start is something that is easy to understand and relate to. Escape. They are in a strange place in a strange new world. Escape. They have to get up, and get out to try to find something familiar.

Then it gets a little more complex...

MUSIC (5/5)

Not much to say here, fantastic soundtrack. Dark and full of a primal kind of energy (or was it fear?). Does much to enhance the story and set the mood.

The song for the movie is "Edge of this World" sang by MISIA.
Song via youtube (not mine)


It is produced by Sunrise, and Kana Hanazawa voices Kasumi. It's good, the readers of the source material will be a little disappointed, but through and through, this movie is still a fine example of a horror anime done right.

Website Here

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Japanese - Listening

This being a blog and all, I can't say much about speaking practice, but for listening, True Listening, most Drama CD's will do.

I'll actually have to admit, I think they are a tad slower then a native speaker.
Listening to this has multiple effects.

1. It helps you develop an ear for Japanese, and believe me, if you want to live and work in Japan, you will need an ear. They talk fast (Granted if you look non-Japanese they will speak slower)

2. Learn to pick out words you need to make an answer, listen for certain. Even when I speak and listen to Japanese, I rarely process the entire sentence, this is helpful on a test (say AP or JLPT), where they are speaking fast, and you can only make out a few words anyway.

Because that was all pretty badly written (re-watching IDOLM@STER right now):

Listen until Japanese doesn't sound fast anymore.

and by fast, I mean this:

Don't read the subtitles, just press play and then minimize the window. Pure listening. See what your up against.

I tend to find that when watching anime raw, they still talk slower then in real life, or on a CD.

There are also a lot of Drama CD's on CRAZY-CAKE

The Hyakumonogatari Original Drama CD is something I would also recommend.

Random note:
Season 2 when?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Did I miss the beginning of Summer?

The Summer 2012 Anime season has finally started.
I have to use simulcasts now, because of the ISP's, or until I can find a way around it.

Crunchyroll Summer 2012 Page - Here

Incidentally, I'm only watching 2 shows this season.

For those of you who don't know what Muv-Luv is, get out it was originally visual novel, named Muv-Luv. Then a sequel Muv-Luv Alternative. From that is what this show is derived from.

I hear that it's more complicated then Fate/Stay Night, and better (then again, of TM's games, I've only played Tsukihime).
Episode 1 is out for everyone, 2 is only for premium members at the moment.

And I'm also watching

Episode 1 simulcasts in 1 hour. I hate waiting
But it's here, it's finally here.

Sunday, July 8, 2012